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Housewife1on1.com Домогосподарка(14)

Darla wants a new painting for the house and convinces her husband the only way she knows how...

DirtyWivesClub.com Домогосподарка(12)

Nicole Aniston hosted a dinner/movie party for close friends of her and her husbands. Xander offered to help her with the dishes while the other started to watch the movie. Well, Nicole started to come on strong to Xander, her husband was not cutting it sexually. So Xander does what any best friend would do, he fucks his buddy's hot wife right there in the kitchen.

MyWife'sHotFriend.com Домогосподарка(12)

Sarah Vandella hasn't done her taxes in years and she needs help catching up. Luckily, her friend's husband is great with taxes and agreed to give her a hand. She really needs his hand elsewhere though, like up her skirt. He's a little hesitant to cheat on his wife, but Sarah has an ace up her sleeve. She knows married men hardly get blowjobs, so she drops to her knees and sucks his cock. After that he has no problem fucking Sarah.

IHaveaWife.com Домогосподарка(12)

Remy decides to rinse off in the shower and as she comes out, she sees that Johnny is back early from his trip. She asks what's going while in her towel and Johnny just unloads on her, he tells her that he got into a fight with his wife on their vacation and she went over to her mom's house. On top of that, Johnny isn't even getting laid anymore. Remy sees that as a problem and as a good house keeper, she's willing to give Johnny a helping hand, rather her pussy in this case!

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